Landscape Design Tips

Landscape Design Tips

Landscape Design Tips serving Southport, NC

A cohesive, well planned out landscape design will help your home or business stand out among the crowd. Not only will your yard stand out, but it will increase the curb appeal and make your yard feel relaxing while becoming a great location to entertain friends and family. Let us help you create a low maintenance landscape design in your Southport, NC yard.

Tips & Suggestions:

1. Have a plan – Make sure you know what you want to see with the space you have whether it be a garden, kids place area, patio, etc. 

2. Know where the sun rises/sets – This will help determine what plants you should use and where to use them as some need more sunlight than others.

3. Natural edge – Instead of buying plastic, metal, or brick edging, let your landscaping create a natural edge. This allows for easier maintenance and provides more flexibility when changing the landscaping. 

4. Lighting – To be more energy efficient, use less lighting, or more energy efficient options like solar powered light

5. Fertilizer – When you use fertilizer for new plants it helps boost the soil in the area benefitting the plant roots. 

6. Determine placement – Deciding where plants and shrubs will go will help avoid mowing around each individual plant.

7. Use a focal point – This can be a sculpture, a plant, a tree, etc. to help draw your eye.

8. Use scaling – Use a variation in sizes, shapes, and colors. Taller plants should be at the back, shorter in front.

9. Add character – Add in steps, winding paths, vines, archways, ponds, fountains, and more to enhance your space. 

10. Reference home and garden websites - This will help you create a plan and gather ideas. Click HERE for ideas.

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