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Koi Pond Fish For Sale in Southport NC

Koi fish as many know are ornamental carp fish. As a landscaping feature Koi ponds are stocked with koi and designed to make viewing of these beautifully bright fish with wonderfully varied colors. 

While related to goldfish, Koi offer homeowners and commercial Koi pond owners with much more diversity than common gold fish.

Carp have been cultivated as food for several thousand years and have probably been bred for color for at least ten centuries. The tradition of breeding carp specifically to produce modern koi goes back about two centuries; this originated in Japan but has spread worldwide.
Koi  fish that are most generally associated with landscaped garden ponds. They are best kept in large sized garden ponds because of their size, especially if you're planning on keeping more than one or two fish. Since Koi have such strong mouths and like to dig in the gravel at the bottoms of ponds, only use plants with tough leaves in your pond. Be sure to protect the roots and soil of your pots from the Koi by putting a layer of gravel on top.

How To Care For Koi Fish

 Japanese Koi fish are a long living pet that can generally live to be 60 years old or older.  Most Koi reach maximum size of 24 inches, so keeping them in a large pond is best or 75 plus gallon tank with water temperature ranging from 64- 75 degrees F. They like to eat flake, and leafy vegetables.
Common Names for Koi fish are:  Nishikigoi, Koi, Japanese colored carp, Brocaded carp and the scientific name is Cyprinus carpio species in the Cyprinidae Family

Koi Fish Feeding Habits
Koi will eat all types of food. Live, frozen, freeze-dried, and prepared foods will be devoured without hesitation. Make sure to include plenty of plant material in their diet. Most prepared koi foods include plant material, but occasionally feeding spirulina flakes, wheat germ pellets, or even chopped, frozen spinach would be a good idea.

Compatibility with Other Fish
Koi are generally peaceful. They may, however, pick on slow moving fish such as fancy goldfish. Since they are cool water fish, they generally should not be housed in an aquarium with Tropical Fish.

Koi Fish Overwintering tips
Koi can be overwintered in the pond in most areas of the country if the water is at least 3 feet deep. They are not as cold tolerant as the goldfish, so keeping them indoors would be advised in very cold climates. Koi can be kept in a large aquarium set-up in a cool basement or garage until the spring, then returned to the pond.
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