About Our Landscapers

About Our Landscape Gardeners

J. Lynnwood Stephens
A Botany teacher living next to us when I was a kid started me on my journey in horticulture. She had me collecting leaves seeds and various plants to identify them. Out of this at age 8 in 1942 I planted my first tree, a Pennsylvania Green Ash that as of two years ago was still alive but due to the Emerald Ash Borer was on its way out. This lead to starting my first landscape business as a sophomore in high school in 1950.
Between then and now I spent 8 years as a Gardener for a multi-millionaire on his 2000 acre estate/Farm. 21 years in Boca Raton Florida; first at the Boca Raton Hotel and Club then with the Arvida Corp. landscaping many projects in the South Florida area. 

The last eleven years of my Fla. career were spent in my own business landscaping The Trump Plaza (Earned a Fla State Landscape award for that) an exclusive elder care hospital, public school building, several building on the Florida Atlantic University campus, condominiums on the ocean, many multi acre projects, exclusive mansions along with planting a single little plant for hundreds of home owners.
Retired to Charleston, SC in 1988, came out of retirement in 1991 to do a three month consulting deal on Bald Head Island. NC, where I have spent the last twenty five years trying to please all the property owners I can. I’ve had the good fortune in my life to get to know some of the rich and famous, some of the world’s worst deadbeats and hundreds of the greatest people that make up our daily lives. I love to tell the stories. Just ask anytime

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Cheryl MacDonald and  Lynn Stephens

Lynn has been providing award winning landscape services on Bald Head Island NC for over 20 years
Serving wonderful customers in Southport, Oak Island, Boiling Spring Lakes 


Our Mission Statement
With 65 plus years of Horticulture, Arboriculture, Floriculture and Aquaculture experience we continue to study all phases of our industry to be able to serve our customers with as much professional knowledge as we can. We strive to be able to answer all questions, to be able to recognize plant problems, to give ideas as to what or what not to plant and to help our customers reach their ideal end results for their gardens and landscape.  

Why should you Visit Us
We have the largest selection of plant material suitable for this area, from liners to large trees. If we don’t have the plant you want we will find it, if available and bring it in asap. If a question is asked that we may not know the answer to we will spend the time to get you other professional answers. 

 As you walk thru our garden center you will meet some of our many rescue cats, many are up for adoption. You can view at most time some of our beautiful Orchids in bloom. Our native selection of plants grow by the week. If any group of plants have problems growing in this area we will not buy or sell them. Any plant that need to be sprayed constantly to keep it healthy you will not find it at our place. We know that our Japanese Koi fish would be a great addition to your garden pond if you have one. If you want one we will help you out there to.  

Over the years our landscape operation have won awards for project. We have designed, installed and maintained hundreds of residential and commercial landscape and hardscape properties in North Carolina as well as in Florida. We stand behind our work and go the limit to fulfill our customer’s desires. Stop by, look around, and ask questions. We are here to serve you.  

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